Some photos from my Warsash web site - now extinct

A few pictures of Warsash

The website for the warsash.org.uk domain first appeared about 13 years ago. I'd just retired from a really interesting job involving ANPR cameras. I wanted to teach myself the basics of web design, hosting and PHP coding. After a few initial experiments I'd decided that Microsoft's ASP technology was not the right way for me. You had to buy Microsoft server software for a start, which was not cheap.

So much has happened since the warsash website first appeared. We don't use Flash anymore for graphics. CSS has changed almost beyond recognition. Mobile phones were unknown to most people. HTML4 was still the current technology. You designed a web site to be a certain shape and size and it stayed that way - no adaptive/responsive technology. We now have free tools such as BootStrap which make laying out an adaptive/responsive website very straightforward.

It does not seem worth the effort to bring the old website up-to-date. There are different problems to solve now. 7th July 2021