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25th June 2021

Le Jardin   

Posted On: 2021-07-14 17:33:46

A bit of a riot !

The back garden in July with Hollyhocks reaching for the sky !One corner of the rear garden, featuring giant hollyhocks

July is always the best time to enjoy the small garden spaces. My skilful wife conjures a riot of colour, which unfortunately does not last long enough - in four or five weeks this will all be gone.

The Hollyhocks have grown to about 9 feet tall this year. The only encouragement they get is a gob of goo from the compost bin in the late autumn. We have some just as tall in the front garden. Not quite sure what spurs them on - they don't get any goo as they grow up between the cracks in the brick paving.. We've just has a very wet week with flash flooding in some parts of Hampshire so the rain must have helped. I've no idea how much water gets transpired through giant plants like this.The front garden at Tumbleweeds

Here's part of the front. Note the giant hollyhocks by the front door.

The lawn is looking a lot more respectable too. I've been trying for several years to fill in the patches and thicken the growth. I do this by putting lawn feed on in early spring and late autumn, and filling in the patches by sprinkling fresh grass seed around - and it never made much difference until this year. The only thing thats changed is where I buy the supplies from.

Always used to go to B and Q for our garden supplies.  Our last visit ( literally ) was just after the first Covid-19 lockdown. Most people were wearing masks in shops ( it was a legal requirement ) and there were strict social distancing rules. B&Q had laid down arrows on the floor to indicate which direction to walk in  and what separation to keep. Trouble is, no one was taking a blind bit of notice about masks or directions  and the staff were making no attempt to enforce the rules. So we got out as fast as we could and went down the road to Garson's. And it was there I bought a different brand of grass seed and a different brand of lawn feed, and I haven't looked back ! Sprinkle some seed down. Protect from the birds and keep moist and -Hey Presto - 10 days later a splendid growth of grass. Goodness only knows what B&Q were selling.

B & Q also sell all the usual sundries you need around the house - glue / screws / electical bits etc etc, but I found another place - D & G Hardware  which does all this - and sells some things which B&Q do not. So look around your local shops and find a replacement which has more respect for its' customers.