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25th June 2021

Synology releases Version 7 of DSM   

Posted On: 2021-07-08 15:39:16

A upgrade which we hope has some good stuff in it.

Picture advertising upgradesThe DSM V7 upgrade was available for download towards the end of last week (around 5th July 2021) and I lost no time in downloading it and running the updater. Lots of warnings about not turning the box off whilst the updater was doing its' stuff, which would take about 20 minutes. So I was disconcerted to find the box "Off" when I returned after 30 minutes - no blinking lights. There was no mention of this in the upgrade instructions. It could be happening on purpose or ot could be some deadly glitch, so I waited another 30 minutes then, with fingers crossed, pushed the "On" switch. The box fired up OK and said it had a few remaining tasks to complete, which it did, and everything now seems to be fine

I've not had much time to investigate what is different, but I quickly checked the Pictures (Images) function  , which was rubbish in V6, I'm afraid it is no  better.It tells me I have no files to view and that I have to log on - I already logged on as Admin  It logs me out arbitrarily - some times I get to go 15 mintes and other times only 2 or three before being asked to log on again.

 I pointed it at a small subset of my photo collection ( about 250 jpg files,), and after about 30 seconds there was a menu. showing all the folders available. Sometimes you can click on a folder and see the pics it contains and sometimes you cannot - the Syn just locks up. So this application is still not ready for the big time. It's not a big deal.

The page layouts and words have changed for virtual host set up, but whether the actual functions have changed I do not know. Got to play with this.. I just ( 23 Jul 21 ) tried this. I had to renew a HTTPS certificate. I had done it before, but the way in which you do it is now different, so I got stuck. The helpful folks at Synology sorted me out.

One useful item which just stopped working one day - sending an email to confirm back had run OK - started working again after the upgrade  This is useful - last year I it sent me an email saying the backup had failed, and sure enough the external  hard drive had failed. Now I know the NAS has a two disk raid and I have a spare disk to put in should the worst happen, but with PC hardware and software always be prepared for the unexpected. - if it can happen it will !