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25th June 2021

England have been playing football   

Posted On: 2021-07-04 15:54:12

Gareth Southgate's boys played a blinder !

Euro 2020 final, Wemblew, 11th July 2021

It's the breather between the end of full-time and the start of extra time. Gareth Southgate instructs the England squad how the next 30 minutes should be played. It's Sunday 11th July 2021 and the final of the Euro 2020 championship

Well, we know how it ended and for sure it was a huge disappointment for English fans Today (Monday) there is a lot of punditry flying around, but what's the point ? The squad did their absolute best, but it was not quite good enough. Anyone can be an expert in hindsight. It is impossible to know how it feels to stand there and know that 30M+ people are watching you. When you are only 19 years old the pressure must be unbearable. How can you not have a slight tremor in your step as you run to kick the ball ? I also I did not see any jokes about blowing the bloody doors off..The victorious Italian  squad - Euro 2020 final at Wembly, Sunay 11th July 2021

And here is the winning Italian squad. They played just a bit better than we did in the 2nd half. They earned their win.

But it has not been all loss for England. This endevour has helped to bring the country together. It's given us something to enjoy in the dismal covid months. It gave us a genuine feeling that we could win this after 55 years of winning nothing..There was no boasting about being "the best in the world" just a determination to do the very best possible.  A lot of people ( me included ) who are not football supporters were drawn in by this feeling. Gareth Southgate published a manifesto, which if you are still with me, you'll enjoy reading.

Don't forget, Marcus Rashford TWICE forced Johnson's government into a U-Turn  to make proper provision for school meals during the height of the pandemic. And  now Johnson & his cohorts are all singing off the same holy hymn sheet to condemn the racial abuse which the black members of the squad suffered after the match, whereas last week they were  saying it was OK for English fans to boo their own team when they took the knee

Here's an excerpt from an article by Rowena Mason in today's Guardian:

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have been accused of hypocrisy over their stance on racism in football, after they condemned the abuse of three black England players but previously refused to criticise fans who booed the team for taking the knee.

Both the prime minister and home secretary said they were appalled by social media abuse of Marcus Rashfor, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho, who missed penalties in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley on Sunday night.

But Sayeeda Warsi, a Conservative peer and former co-chairman, sent a public message to Patel, the home secretary, calling on her and all Conservatives to “think about our role in feeding this culture in our country”.

“If we ‘whistle’ & the ‘dog’ reacts we can’t be shocked if it barks & bites,” she tweeted. “It’s time to stop the culture wars that are feeding division. Dog whistles win votes but destroy nations.”