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25th June 2021

To Vax or not to Vax ?   

Posted On: 2021-07-01 19:41:30

Why are some folks reticent about having the jab ?

You have to start somewhere in this discussion, i.e place a few markers, For example I beleive that the vaccine is Get the Covid Jab !harmless and the side effects are mild and short lived. I beleive it reduces by about 95% your chance of catching Covid, and if you do catch it, the symptoms will be much reduced - you won't have to go to hospital, for example. There's no charge for it. It is without doubt a  good thing. 

Why then do people refuse to take it and what is the best way to get them to change their minds, thereby reducing the risk of catching Covid to the rest of the population?

I think the arguments about the  MMR vaccine were the last occasions when the demonstrated efficacy of  a vaccine was subject to dispute by a sizeable number of people - and not just in the UK. The parallels are not exact - in particular MMR was for kids and it was the parent who were disputing the use of the vaccine on their children - perhaps an expected reaction, but many studies were done and there was no evidence of adverse side effects. With the Covid vaccine, of course, people are making choices about using the vaccine on themslves.

Well, I don't think you can force people eg by making it an offence to refuse to take it. They'll just push back and that's no use to anyone. Perhaps the most you can do is point out the advantages of having the jab & hope for a change of view. This is where a vaccine passport would be so useful. A lot of people are using this now via the NHS App on their phones. I don't want to be in a pub sitting next to someone who has not been vaccinated, that's for sure.. I can't think of a logical reason why you would not want to be vaccinated,

Grab a Jab

I don't know how long this link will stay's about  an American right wing talk show host from Tennessee who was loud and long about not taking vaccines. Then he caught Covid and is very ill indeed, and now telling people from his hospital bed to "Take the vaccine". A lot of folks in the USA are nutters, for sure. So pass the AR-15 and we'll sort this out now. And if all else fails swallow some bleach. I still look at this last clip which was  recorded in April 2020 and find it hard to beleive that the man in charge of the most powerful country in the world was recommending swallowing bleach ( disinfectant ) to cure Covid. And a significant number of Americans believed him. Commentators are predicting that he will make a run for President in 2024.

And a final Donald Trump riff on Climate Change, which seems pertinent ( "it will get cooler") when you consider what is happening in the western USA right now ( July 2021). Sorry - I know it has nothing to do with vaccination, but the man is so ignorant about everything that I cannot reist it. How do you get so many people to believe in you when you are such a fraud ? That's politics !

Acknowledgement to Vanity Fair for use of this picture