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25th June 2021


Posted On: 2013-11-10 20:34:36

A very useful CMS


Loomla Content Management SystemAnother tool - Joomla -  for producing instant web sites. This is a CMS ( content management system ) and much more complex than Wordpress.

My Joomla development site is no longer available, but in the beginning  I  made a lot of progress in a short time -. I had a "Hello World" page up and running wthin about 10 minutes of starting the installation and after about three weeks or so I felt I could tackle any job that came my way.

It takes a lot of getting used to - the workflow is quite different from when you are building a web site the normal way.  Initially I had ( & I am sure you will too if you try it) a lot of confusion around the difference between and the purpose & use of plugins , components and modules. 

It seems to me able to do most things you'd want. Sometimes you have to be inventive ( eg getting a Google Map onto a page - but I don't use Google anymore - look at the map page for details)), The only major thing I have not found is a simple solution for reading & writing to an SQL database - e.g. a customer list.  After writing this I found a module called JooDatabase which works very well ( see below). There may well be other products available now.

Oh - and yes - I did try Drupal. but after an hour I still hadn't got the damned thing installed, so I gave up on it. (Problems with an .htaccess file, which my Apache server objected to, big time)

So Joomla looks to be viable. I made three  production sites  with it (which I no longer administer) & they are still earning their keep. This one , for the South Western Circle, uses the jooDatabase module mentioned above.You'll find many pages of tables derived from a database, The Joomla documentation  is good - much better than that with Wordpress.

A final word about security. I had two of the sites hacked. I was able to recover using backups. After that I read a lot about Joomla security which led me to make some changes, After that I had no further problems. so take security seriously - you can make a difference.