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25th June 2021

Try a VPS   

Posted On: 2013-11-10 11:18:13

Take control of your hosting

Tate ModernQ: What has the picture got to do with VPS ? A: Nothing The walls belong to Tate Britain and I think they look great. Once you've looked at that you can read the VPS stuff below.

I've done a couple of web sites recently where the owners / users wanted to upload a substantial number of pictures. The folks concerned have no idea about Photoshop and pxels and  max  file sizes. They just want to bung the SD card into the slot on the PC and upload.  It was pointless to ask them to keep the file size below about 3Mb.  

I needed a host which would reliably accept uploads of up to 10Mb and which had enough PHP  memory to let GD reduce the size to 300px or whatever. 10Mb seems to be about the largest file size produced by a modern compact digital camera in jpg mode.  It seemd to me, after lots of experiments, that it was not the file size, per se, which broke the upload. Most often the files would be uploaded OK, but PHP would run out of memory when reducing the file to the size I needed,

None of the shared hosting plans offer this, so I decided to see what a VPS could offer. I tried one about 6 months ago. To save money I opted not to have a front end ( eg cPanel or Plesk ) so I was left with Putty and a Unix command line.  Not being a Unix expert I was at the bottom of a very steep leaning curve. I figured out the FTP / DNS etc and actually got a couple of sites running, but that took me three days and I still had not tackled SMTP / POP,  security, backup, hosting other users , running mySQL and PHP and the various other services which tend to get taken for granted. So I quit.

This time I have got a service which has cPanel with unlimited acounts. I initially tried it for 1 month, but have now decided to keep it. It's not cheap, but it works really well. I'm going to move all the sites from my current  host to this one to help mitigate the cost.

Although it's "your" server, cPanel sets up Apacche , PHP amd mySQL with safe, sensible values and you can then tweak the ones you need to get the service you want. I tweaked PHP memory to be 256Mb. Normal hosting plans seem to use  64Mb. I've twiddled a few other thimgs as well. Check out  Heart if you are interested.