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25th June 2021

Mostar Bridge   

Posted On: 2012-11-28 21:00:06

But it is not really about the bridge !

I've been using as my web host for years and been very pleased with the service they provided. But recently the performance has gone right off the boil. Many days there are periods of two or three hours when there is no ftp, no email and no web sites on my reseller account. Now I know that shared hosting is a compomise between cost and stability. But it never used to be like this - just the occasional glitch now and again. Now it's every day.

So I'm casting around for a new host. Right now (27 Nov 2012) this website, which yesterday was on 34sp's machine, is now on HostPapa. Had a problem with this very application - had to change the way the text is escaped before it's saved to the database, but after sorting that out, everything seems to be OK.

The online help is OK, but trying to use the chat or post a support ticket eventually ends up with a blank page, so not entirely convinced it's worth the effort to change. Keen prices though and lots of extras. Difficult choice ! And I gave up waiting for HostPapa's web site to respond when attempting to transfer in a domain from 34sp.

Perfection is hard to find.

Update 2021 - in the end I moved back to 34SP and I'm still using them.