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This is the blog which used to be on another of my websites, now defunct ( The last post was 8 years ago I moved it here without any problems. The editing functions have been brought up to date, so I can now add new entries and upload pictures. The display code (text) has been updated too e.g. the broken links are either removed or fixed.

25th June 2021

Fords smallest car   

Posted On: 2012-04-24 12:55:40

Its a model !

Just a progress note. Still problems with uploading large files - this wouldn't upload until I had reduced it to 1024px (90Kb) from the original  3355px (3.65Mb). Will look at that later.

Another problem: The editing page for the blog database pops up a javascript confirm() message when you click the "Delete" button and shows you the Title so you know which entry is going to be zapped. But js hiccups if the title contains a quote or single quote. Had to use the php function addslashes() to the data as it comes out of the database.

Another problem: Later versions of Chrome don't work correctly with ckeditor. One big problem is that the call to the window which shows the pictures available for insertion into the text does not actually open the window. You need version 3.6.3 or later of ckeditor to fix this problem.

And if you are close to Southampton (UK) check out Bursledon Brickworks - great place to visit for all  the family. That's where the above picture was taken - April 2012.