A slide show made from Bootstrap classes

I was going to make a slideshow using a tool called Slider Revolution made by a company called Theme Punch. I last used it about 6 years ago and it had a lot of eyecatching effects and was not too difficult to set up. It's not had an upgrade since then, and the latest version is sold as a Wordpress plugin and it is nearly 4 times the cost of the older version, so I'm going to pass on Slider Revolution and see what the Bootstrap toolbox offers.

I think this is a perfectly useable slideshow. It's very easy to set up, it works on the NAS box and best of all it is FREE - all done by Bootstrap.

Note: This site is built using Bootstrap 4, Version 5 was not available when I started. V4 and V5 do not mix. The V5 version of this slider has just the same features as the V4, so I decided not to start over !