Ponk Room Maps

A quick look at the Mapbox system

This is the simplest version - I just copied the demo from the Mapbox Website, then made a few tweaks and here it is. It's not free - but you get 200,000 free hits which should keep this web site running ! You have to sign up with Mapbox too, and get an API key, but the key works with any domain, so just one registration required.

I last played with Mapbox about 3 years ago and I think the map styling was better then - the roads were easier to distinguish. I'll do some more investigation on this - it may be possible to tweak the map colours. But, the other map systems are much better.

There is no grid with, say, 10Km squares - but that might be one of the options on page 2, which I have not got to yet "! It would be useful to have some idea of the ditance between various points.

You can put your own clickable "hot spots" so it should be possible to show photographs. Something to try. Watch this space ( 15/5/21 )