Hello, Ponk Room

Using the Synology DS220+ on the web

I thought I'd check the word "Ponk" to see if it had any alternative meanings to the one I intended - and sure enough it has, all of them dealing with the sordid side of life. Look it up in Urban Dictionary. But the work "Ponk" has been used in my family since before Arpanet opened (October 1969), and means to do something which you enjoy e.g He was ponking away in his [ponk] room (e.g. study) making a website.

The picture shows the Synology DS220+.The + is the important bit - it signifies that you get the MailServer plus, which allows for the sending and receiving of emails. The other differences you can find on the web. Mouse over the image for a different view

Until recently I operated a small web design / hosting service. I rented a chunk of space on a server ( try 34SP if you are in the market for that ) so finding some space for a couple of "home" sites and email service was easy. But I've given all that up now and looking to find alternative hosting services. It's not difficult to use the DS220 to host web sites and there's more about that on this page.