Running an application in an iFrame

I have a photo album generator called jAlbum. It makes very attractive albums. I used it on many sites in the past. But there is a problem when using it on the NAS. jAlbum actually produces web pages, so the usual way of viewing jAlbum output is to run it in an IFrame ( Inline Frame ). There is a (small) risk of having your site hacked if it uses iFrames, so on some Synology boxes, you cannot use iFrames in a website. My DS218 would not allow it, but the 220+ has a tick boz where you can opt to use them. So here is a jAlbum of pictures taken in Heywood, running in an iFrame. Works OK, I think. And why Heywood ? Well, I was born there, went to school there and then left when I was 18 in search of better things.